Solar Panel Installer in Scotland

Solar PV Panels and Battery Installers in Fife Scotland

RB Grant install solar pv panels all over Scotland from our Fife base. With over 26 years experience installing Solar PV panels and battery storage systems in Scotland, we are the number one choice. We design and supply solar energy power systems to meet our customers energy needs.

We install domestic, commercial and industrial solar from 1kw to 50MW and are fully MCS approved providing quality installations and access to the Smart Export Guarantee. RB Grant are the solar power installers you can trust. Want to save money on your rising electricity bills using solar power? Contact us today

We offer a budget system for the home from as little as £800 and a 4kw system from £4900 fully installed and MCS certificated. We do not require a deposit for our installations giving our customers piece of mind. RB Grant are expert in solar energy systems for the home, reducing energy costs with systems tailored to your needs. We provide a range of solar panels from Poly, Mono and Hybrid. Our commercial standard solar PV systems start at around £8900 for a 10KW solar PV system fully installed and MCS certified. We have hundreds of happy solar power clients and provide a quality installation at a competitive quote. We pride our self in being one of Scotland top solar panel installers. We are approved by the Energy Saving Trust, MCS and RECC.

We also carry out a solar panel repair service and solar PV servicing for both existing and new customers. In addition we offer Inverter and  battery storage repairs.

We are a family run business established in 1974 who are trusted installers of photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems and the number one choice for solar PV installations in the Fife area and all over Scotland. We actively promote the use of renewable energy sources. Our design service takes into account the SAP calculation but we also use the leading solar PV software PV SOL to design the most efficient system at a competitive cost. We can supply a variety of solar panels , inverters and mounting systems to give our customers a system that suits their budget and energy use.

Building Control often require solar panels to achieve your SAP for new build property and we can help

We provide a range of additional products to enhance you PV system including micro inverters, monitoring systems, water heater boost diverters  and solar battery storage.

MCS Accredited Solar PV Installers

We are MCS accredited solar PV installers in Scotland, certifiers of construction and members of RECC. With the end of the FITS we await the government implementation of the new SEG or Smart Export Guarantee. The SEG will allow owners of generators to charge for exported energy.  This helps to reduce the pay back time to around 8 to 10 years and then the solar panels will make you money for the remaining period. With the rising energy costs and the peak value for the feed-in tariff, there is never a better time to consider a photovoltaic solar panel system. We are currently using Givenergy battery storage systems.

There are a number of Grants available for Home owners, Charities, Community groups and businesses from the Government. RB Grant can provide all the help and advise you need to apply.

We provide a quality service from the initial design right through to the feed-in tariff registration. All our staff are fully qualified solar PV engineers and can provide a quality installation in the home and in commercial premises. All our design services are free for solar PV.

Off Grid Solar PV

We also supply a full design and installation service for Off Grid Solar PV system. From solar pv for the home, commercial and farm buildings to provide electricity to buildings which may suffer from lack of grid supply. We also offer a bespoke service for Caravan and motor home solar panel systems fully designed and installed.

The Advantages of Solar Electricity

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Store electricity
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Obtain a solar panel grant or loan
  • Get paid for your export to the grid
  • Renewable and reliable solar energy
  • combine with solar battery storage
  • Low maintenance solar
  • Silent – no noise pollution

How do Solar PV Systems work?

Solar Photovoltaic systems (solar panels) use energy from the sun to create electricity used to run household appliances and lighting. When sun light shines on a Photovoltaic (PV) panel, an electric field is created across the cell resulting in the flow of electricity.

Using a renewable energy can save you money and help reduce climate change.

Solar PV systems how they work

Types of Solar PV Panel

We supply and specify a wide range of solar panels and inverters. Solar PV panels come in a variety of styles:

  • Grey ‘solar tiles’
  • Transparent solar panels – for use in conservatories and glass
  • Coloured panels.
  • All black solar panel for a discreet installation
  • Hybrid Cells – thin film and crystalline solar cells

At R.B. Grant we can find which solar panels are the best for you. We choose from a range of solar power products to provide the most effective and efficient solar PV panel system for all our customers.

Is my home right for Solar PV Panels?

Is your home in a suitable location for solar panels?

Ensure your home is not over-shadowed by trees or buildings. This can reduce the output of the system.

Do you need a building warrant for solar panels?

You may only require a building warrant in the Edinburgh Council area. As certifiers of construction we can apply for the warrant and approve the installation.

Do you need planning permission?

Always obtain planning permission from your local government authority in case the property is a listed building or in a conservation area. We can help with this.

Is your roof strong enough?

Solar panels and the mounting can be heavy. The roof must be strong enough to take their weight. We can arrange a structural engineer report where required.

Solar Panel Installers in Fife and all over Scotland

Our fully qualified team of designers, installers and certifiers deliver a quality solar panel installation at a competitive cost. All our installations are covered by a 5 / 10 year product, 2 year workmanship and 25-year output warranty.

Installation involves:

Roof work

  • Fitting of roof fittings
  • Fitting of solar panel

Electrical connection

  • DC (Direct current) to inverter from solar panel array
  • AC (Alternating current) to meter into household fuse box
  • Addition of generation and export meter

Our prices - fully installed

  • 3kw from £3800
  • 4kw from £4200

Examples of our work:

For example, a 3kw electric photovoltaic solar panel with generate £1,000 per year and £25,000 for the standard lifetime of the units. To see more examples have a look at our Photovoltaic Panels (PV Panels) Feed in Tariff / Payback page.

Our services cover every area of electric photovoltaic solar panel systems from:

  • Site assessment to system design, supply, installation and maintenance of PV panels
  • Full site suitability survey - no obligation and free
  • Help with application of solar panel grants and interest free loans
  • Assessment of likely solar panel energy generation and savings
  • Advice on planning and building warrant issues
  • Site preparation for solar PV installation
  • Assistance with connection to grid and the 'Feed in Tariff'
  • Full installation service and full in-house certification
  •  5-year product and 10-year installation warranty
  • Annual maintenance contracts and support

RB Grant also supply and install extra devices to add to your solar system, these can be recommended based on the clients requirements:


For a free quote, contact us today. You can trust R.B. Grant to provide a quality service at a competitive price for solar PV installations.

Zero-interest loans of up to £2,000 are available for Scottish householders to help them install heat and electricity generating renewable systems - Energy Savings Trust, Home Renewables Loan Scheme.

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