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RB Grant are OLEV approved electric car charge point installers for both home and workplace charge points. We offer OLEV funding of £350 for home chargers and 50% of total cost for EV socket for the workplace. We also are approved for the EST funding of £300 in addition. So many of our EV charging point installations are free of charge subject to the difficulty of installation.

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You can also have a look at our dedicated EV Charging website

We have been installing EV chargers 9 years and have a wealth of experience in the industry.

The electric vehicle charging points are used to charge the EV’s. You simply have to connect the charger to your electric vehicle thanks to a special cable. We can provide different utilities like home EV charging points or commercial and public EV charging points.

The charging points work like domestic sockets but with different characteristics. Indeed, you can use your own socket at home to charge your electric car. However, it’s strongly recommended that you use a dedicated charger for your safety and for faster charging . See more information on the advantages of charging points.

Grant application forms for EV Charge points can be found by clicking the following links:

EST grant application 

OLEV Grant form

Work charge point grant

At R.B Grant we are trying to develop our range of projects around renewable energy. If you plan to buy an electric vehicle for personal or commercial use, we can help you to charge your EV quickly, easily and safely by installing an electric vehicle charging point. All grant funded charger must now be Smart charging.

EV Charging Point Options

We provide you with a full installation service for your EV charging equipment. This includes all electrical work, including all associated electrical equipment like distribution boards if needed, breakers and cabling between the board and the charger. Ground works are also carried out to install the TT protection for the charging point to allow you to use it safely. From a single home charger to commercial infrastructure, we offer a complete service to our customers.

We are approved installers of EV charging points everywhere in Scotland. R.B. Grant are approved installers for Elektromotive electric chargers in Scotland.

We can provide either single-phase or three-phases installation with different kind of Elektromotive chargers (mono or double socket and also combi socket for different utilities) – providing a full range of possibilities to meet your needs.

R.B. Grant and EO are trying to develop the range of the charging points in the country, thinking about the future of our environment.

If you’re interested in purchasing an EV and you want a complete installation for a dedicated EV charging point in your home or for your business, you can contact us or you can have a look at some of our EV charging point installations here.

If you want to discover a range of possibilities to charge your EV, you can find a lot of EV manufacturers with different charging points throughout the UK. Have a look below.

Types of EV Charging Points


EO EV charger

The EO mini charger is very much for the home with the small charger being one of the most aesthetic charger on the market. They offer a range of smart technology and fully approved for OLEV and EST Grants. They also come in tethered and non-tethered options and a range of colours.


Home EV charging pointsElektromotive

Elektromotive have designed one of the most commonly used charging points called ‘Elektrobays’.

RB Grant are fully approved installers for Elecktromotive

They are shoulder height with a plug socket. The posts have a yellow coiled power lead which will supply 240 volts.

The Elektrobays are designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be activated by an electronic tag.


EV charging points roadsidePOD Point

POD points are compatible with existing electric car charging tags. All POD points are wirelessly connected to a central communications network so usage and availability is monitored in real time and you have a linked online account.





coloured electric vehicle Charging pointsEV-Box charging stations are compatible with all types of EV sockets and their design allows easy assembly. An LED ring lights up to display the status of the charging station. The station can be fitted with various control, access or payment systems and can be mounted with a pole, wall bracket or surface mounting.

Available in standard green but also blue, silver, grey, white, yellow, orange or red.


Wallpod home charging pointWallPod

The Rolec WallPod can simply fix to your wall or a mounting post and you only need to insert the pods that are required for your electric vehicle.

If you then change your electric vehicle, it will only be the pods that will need to be changed.

This design is simple, consumer friendly and cost effective.

The WallPod for home use is available with 13A, 16A and 32A charging outputs. The charging cable and plug can be locked to the wallPod unit or the vehicle charge point.


car park EV charging pointChargemaster

Chargemaster have a range of charging posts available:




APT charging pointssingle and dual electric car stations are easy to use and are equipped with a simple secure access system. Their designs include:



EDF Energy

EDF EV home charging pointEDF Energy is partnering with Peugeot UK and Citroën UK to offer residential and fleet customers electric vehicle re-charging products and services with the sale of every Peugeot iOn or Citroën C-Zero.

The partnership will ensure best in class motoring technology, and safe and convenient re-charging solutions. It will support the development, future marketing and uptake of fully electric and plugin hybrid vehicles.

It will cost homeowners £799 for a smart meter, a home survey and a fast-charging point. This charging point can, says EDF, re-charge an electric car 35% faster than a normal plug socket.


solar panels ev charge pointEcotricity

Ecotricity have partnered up with ChargePoint Services to develop an electric charging post with a solar panel.

Its main aim is a free charging point powered by renewable energy.


The Importance of Electrical Car Charging Points

An electric car draws a lot of current. Using a household plug to charge runs the risk that with such a heavy load, the plug could overheat. And if the electric car is charging on a circuit that’s powering other appliances, there’s a risk of overload and the potential to do damage to other appliances. It’s best to have an isolated circuit for any EV therefore a dedicated car charger.

Another consideration is the condition of the household wiring. If it is old or inadequately protected, or just unsuitable for high loads, there could be a potential fire hazard.

For more information on EV charging points, click here.

If you would like to speak to someone about getting a charging point installed, give R.B. Grant a call.

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