Which Solar Panels are best for you in Scotland?

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Solar Panel Installers in Scotland

There are many different solar panels and storage batteries to choose from. Let us help you find the best solar PV panels in Scotland to suit your needs and budget. We have installed a range of solar panels all over Scotland which we monitor for performance. We pride our self in being one of Scotland's most experienced installers and designers of Solar power energy and battery storage systems. We have thousands of solar PV systems already installed all over Scotland. Our systems cost from £3100 for a 1KW to £4900 for a 4kw fully installed and certificated solar panels. We install solar photovoltaic systems on new build properties and offer free help and advise to reach your SAP requirements. With MCS accreditation we can provide access to the Smart Export Guarantee.

Mr Lawrie 05/03/2023

” We found RB Grant on the Internet and although we were a few miles away from Fife we liked the information on the website so we decided to give them a call for an estimate. They told us they install solar panels all over Scotland and even had 2 installations in our home town one of which we visited. When Scott visited to provide a survey we could not have been happier. All of the other companies had tried to make us sign on the day and used pressure tactics with one day sales offer. RB Grant were both the cheapest and the most comprehensive price we obtained so there was no question about choosing them. The installation started at 10am and was finished at 4pm. The electrician who was in charge was very helpful and took time to make us understand the system, hard for us old folk sometimes. If you are looking for a reliable and honest solar panel installer in Scotland look no further than RB Grant”

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Scotland's number one solar panel installer

Edinburgh solar panel installersOur bespoke commercial grade solar panel installations are designed and estimated free of charge, as an example a recent 50kw installed for £38,000. We install solar pv panels all over Scotland and provide a quality installation at a competitive cost. We do not use middle man salesman and visits are carried out by qualified solar PV installers. We pride our self in being one of the top solar panel and battery storage installers in Scotland We can offer advise on available Grants from the Governement for home owners, charities, community centres and business. Once our solar systems are installed we offer a free generation assessment for customers peace of mind. Here are some of our top tips.

Solar PV guide

There are four main categories of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels used in Scotland which are Poly, Mono, Amorphous Thin Film and Hybrid. You want your solar pv panels to perform well in Scotland so knowing the best the best option is important for your investment. By choosing the correct system, you really can make money producing your own electricity. It is very important the system is installed by a registered MCS Photovoltaic solar panel installer who will provide a reliable service. As one of the top solar panel companies in Scotland and can guide you through the panel options. We also provide solar panel bird protection and solar panel repair services


The Range of Solar Panels in Scotland

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

solar panel polycrystallinePolycrystalline solar panels were one of the first solar panels to be produced. They incorporate multiple small silicon crystals, normally produced from the left over silicon from monocrystalline solar panels. The advantage of Poly PV panels is that they are very cheap to produce and are the most cost effective choice. They are, however, not as efficient as mono and hybrid panels are are normally larger for the same KW output.

The panels are normally blue in colour and have the the look of broken glass stuck together. For someone who is thinking about installing solar panels on their home or commercial premises, poly-panels are very cost effective initially but will not provide an optimum yield over 25 years. It can, however, be used effectively when there is no problem with a space factor on the roof or ground mounted.

Many solar panel installers will state that poly panels will work better than other options in lower levels of light. This statement is simply not true and it's the matching of the inverter to the panels which makes the difference.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

solar panel monocrystallineMonocrystalline solar panels are made from a single silicon crystal, unlike poly panels with multiple crystals. The mono solar PV panels are more expensive than the poly to produce and are therefore more expensive to buy. The biggest advantage of Moncrystalline PV panels is the efficient output which will provide a greater yield during the 25 years of Feed in Tariff.

The mono solar panels are also available in a number of colours but are commonly black. If you initially have more money to invest in a solar power system, then a mono panel will be a better choice for gaining a bigger profit over 25 years. RB Grant normally install Mono panels as the offer the best return of investment

Amorphous Thin Film Type Solar Cell

solar panels amphorousAmorphous solar cells are becoming increasingly used in solar PV installs. Amorphous solar cells are made by depositing a thin film of silicon onto a substrate e.g. steel. Higher efficiency panels can be produced by stacking several of these thin layers on top of each other, which are designed to work with specific frequencies of light.

The main advantages of amorphous cells are their low manufacturing costs and visual aspects. This makes up for their low efficiency which requires more solar panels to be installed on the roof.

  • 6% efficiency
  • Cheapest manufacturers

Hybrid Solar Panels

Hybrid solar panelsHybrid solar PV panels incorporate and combine the advantages of both organic and inorganic semi-conductors. Hybrid PV panels have the advantage of being highly efficient and also small in size with a greater kilo watt rating per square metre than poly or mono. They are commonly more expensive than both mono and poly solar panels but can be used where the position is optimum and the space factor available is limited. These are the most efficient solar panels in Scotland.

The disadvantage to hybrid panels is not just the cost but this is a relatively new technology, although many of the leading manufacturers have or are building efficient and reliable models.

The most well known hybrid solar panels are Panasonic which are the second most efficient panel in the world.


Solar panels Scotland

So which Solar PV Panels are the best for you?

At R.B. Grant we pride ourselves in finding the best solar power system for our customers. We have access to a range of different solar panels in Scotland. We provide a free estimate and design for all solar panel systems.. All services are provided by our company from roofer, scaffold erection and qualified electricians and photovoltaic panel installers. Over the 3 years of the feed in tariff we have proven that solar panel systems in Scotland can generate well. A 4KW system will pay back on average in 7 years and allow you balance the cost of your electricity bill. With electricity prices increasing year on year solar panels allow home owners and commercial property owners the opportunity to save money. Solar panels in Scotland increase energy self sufficiency and safeguard against rising electricity cost.

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