Solar PV Repairs

Solar PV Panel Repair & Servicing

RB Grant supply a solar PV servicing and repair service all over Scotland.. If you have a fault with your solar PV or battery storage system you need an experienced MCS Solar PV installer like us. With over 26 years experience dealing with Solar Panel repairs and 50 years in electrical installation look no further than RB Grant.

We are fully MCS approved and all repairs carried out under the regulations will not effect any current feed in tariff payments. Your solar PV installer no longer in business? Don't worry, RB Grant can repair your inverter or panels.

Mr Clark

" Unfortunately the company we used to install our solar panels were no longer in business. We struggled to find someone to service our faulty system until we came across RB Grant. They had the solar panels up and running within 3 days after finding a faulty inverter. They even helped us claim from the inverter manufacturer. Outstanding solar panel repair service thanks again"

Solar PV not working?

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We can provide:

If you think your panels are not generating electricity there can be a number of reasons why. RB Grant can visit and verify your generation figures and advise on the estimated KW you should expect. We can carry out a complete survey of your existing installation and advise on any existing issues you may have. We also offer additional products that can help you save more money with PV. We can advise on aurora and other inverter fault codes.

Solar Inverter not working?

Often your Inverter is the first place anyone would look for a fault with your Solar PV system. RB Grant have experience with a number of different manufacturers and are approved to replace inverters under warranty claims. Do you have an error code on your inverter? The inverter may generates an error code which can help us diagnose the issue. We would visit and find out the exact issue with the inverter. Under warranty claims we would contact the manufacturer on your behalf and arrange everything for you. Most inverters carry a 5 to 10 year warranty and can be replaced within a week.

Solar Panels are damaged?

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Often the most difficult fault to find with Solar PV system is when it is a panel. It can only take one solar panel to be faulty to reduce or even stop the system from generating electricity. We would remove all the panels from the roof and carry out a series of tests to eliminate the faulty PV panel. Once the fault has been found we can register the issue with the manufacturer and claim under warranty. Under the Sale of Goods Act in the UK all work to replace the panel would be chargeable to the supplier/manufacturer. RB Grant have years of experience working closely with distributors and manufacturers to ensure warranties are honoured

The Solar PV installer is no longer in business what do I do?

Even if the installer is no longer in business once we find the problem with your PV system you can claim from the insurance or warranty. Most of the repair work we carry out actually doesn't cost the owner a penny. Under the MCS scheme all installers must register the systems and provide insurance details.

How can I check my solar panels are working correctly?

Here is our list of helpful tips to make sure your panels are working:

  • check your inverter, make sure its showing generation and now faults are showing
  • check your generation meter and record the values regularly - find common values on the web for expected monthly generation
  • Do you have a fault code on the inverter, search the web for solutions
  • Make sure your panels are clean and free of debree
  • Check under the solar panels for loose cables

How often should I get my solar panels serviced

There is no real reason get your solar panels serviced at particular intervals. You need to keep checking your generation meter and make sure it is inline with previous years. If you see a sharp drop in your solar system generation you need to consider calling an approved engineer. It is important to check your panels are clean and not showing signs of deterioration, check your inverter for any faults and make sure your electrical installation is checked at least every 10 years.

We carry out solar panels repairs in Fife, Tayside, Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow

For a free quote, contact us today. You can trust R.B. Grant to provide a quality service at a competitive price for solar PV repairs.

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