Door Entry System Installers

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors supply and install door entry systems and access control throughout Scotland from our Fife base. We offer a full range from Audio only or phone/video, black and white or colour video, for single or multiple occupancy buildings. We have 48 years experience installing and repairing door entry systems for single entry to multi storey applications. We have trained electricians and door entry buzzer system specialists providing quality door entry installations all over Scotland.

Service manager for Housing Association

" We have used the services of RB Grant for around 15 years to service, install and repair our door entry systems. Our tenants rely on the security our entry systems provide and RB Grant are always quick to act when issues arise. We have recommended them on several occasions and you could look no further for a reliable door entry systems installer "

Our door entry estimates and design are completely free of charge with no obligation to buy. We provide our customers with several options in our quotes. We can also provide joinery services for alterations to doors or new where required. We offer a range if steel and aluminium doors for higher security.

Video and audio door entry systems provide secure and controlled admission to visitors by residents or staff. A door entry system can prevent unwanted visitors from coming into your property. If a potential intruder attempts to enter your home, the first barrier they will face is the communal door.

Door entry access systems are a secure and convenient way to help control authorised access to your property and add value and safety. R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors supply a wide range of door entry systems to suit your personal requirements - contact them here to find out how they can help you.

Modular Door Entry Systems

Modular door entry systems are a cost effective way to meet your door entry system needs. By combining modules together, a simple system with a single button or a complex multi-button with video, and with coded access or proximity access can be designed.
We supply wired, wireless and GSM access systems. GSM access systems use mobile phone technology so even when you are not in the property, the system will phone you and allow you to open doors.

Specialised Door Entry Systems

Specialised door entry systems have more advanced features – privacy of speech, lock release, time door release, crime call and timed conversation. These systems can be installed for one door up to 1,000 doors.

Audio Door Entry Systems

Audio door entry systems allow audio confirmation of visitors and remote door control into a property. These systems have an electrical call sound, door release button, an outdoor station and an internal phone.

Video Door Entry Phones

Video door entry systems allow visual and audio confirmation of visitors and remote door access into the property, giving added security and peace of mind. We can use either a high definition CCTV camera or a pin hole camera on panel door entry panel. We offer a range of handset options.

Wireless Door Entry Systems

Wireless door entry systems allows you to answer the door wherever you are in your home. The call is transmitted by radio between the external unit and the indoor handset. The remote controller acts like a mobile device and can answer a call anywhere and allow people at your door to gain access to your property.

GSM Door Entry System

GSM door entry systems use a mobile phone SIM to phone any number when someone is at your door. The system connects wireless without wires and therefore is easily retro fitted to existing properties. It creates greater security as you always know when someone is at your door if you are in or not. Many systems can allow entry to vestibules so you can take deliveries where ever you are in the world.

Door Entry Installer Review

Mr Foot " RB Grant have provided door entry system installation repair and maintenance for our letting agency for a number of years. As part of their service they provide a emergency repair service ensuring that our properties are protected. They are quick to respond day or night to any door entry faults. They have installed and number of systems and provided free estimates and advise. For an excellent door entry company you can rely on RB Grant would get my best recommendation "

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors also supply and install Access Control Systems throughout Scotland from our Fife base. If you are looking for a good door entry system installer look no further than RB Grant , we are the company you can rely on.

Types of door entry systems:

  • Modular Door Entry Systems
  • Specialised Door Entry Systems
  • Audio Door Entry Systems
  • Video Door Entry Phones
  • Wireless Door Entry Systems
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