Security & CCTV

Security & CCTV System Installers for your Home

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors can provide a full design service for security, CCTV, door access, burglar alarm, security lighting and automation for the home in Fife and surrounding areas. We offer a range of security products to help you secure you and your property. We provide a free design service with no obligation to buy. Many of our products can be controlled using Iphone or Android apps. We have been providing Security installation services for over 20 years for the home and commercial premises.

Security Installer Systems:


Day and night cameras, thermal image, IP cameras ,external monitoring, wireless CCTV applications, wireless intruder, monitors and control. We can provide a CCTV to meet the specific needs of our client. We supply small systems for the home and larger systems for commercial. Our CCTV system designers supply the most appropriate system for your needs and increase the security of your property.

Door Entry and Access Control

Door entry systems

Protect your home or business and yourself with CCTV. From a one camera system to full coverage, we can design a system to suit your needs. CCTV cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world to give you piece of mind when away from the property for ultimate security.

Multi-station, single station, video entry phones, GSM mobile phone entry.

Control how you and others access your home with a system to suit your requirements. From a simple phone entry to a video or mobile phone option, we have the experience to design a personal system tailored to your needs and increase security.

Automatic Gates

Automated electric gatesSingle, twin gates and barriers.

With the press of a button your gates will open and close to secure your home. Most gates will be combined with a door entry system, CCTV system and your external lighting. Control from your phone.

Lighting Control

Lighting control

PIR (passive infra-red) control, timers, night lights and security lights. Illuminate your property internally and externally to improve security.

Lighting can provide a warning to intruders that the property may be occupied.

Home Automation

Home automation

Combine all of the above and more into one easy system to provide ultimate security and control to your home and garden. Visit our home automation page for more details on the services offered.

Security Lighting

PIR control, low energy night lights, LED and time switches.

The passive infrared or PIR lighting will light when you pass the sensor. It is good for security and efficient as amenity lighting.

Security lightingLower energy lighting and LED can be left 'on' for security purposes and reduces the energy required. A photocell will bring the light on at a specific set level of darkness.

Time switches are a great way to simulate someone being in the property and can be a deterrent against intruders.

We supply and install all types of security, outside and flood-lighting to all types of premises and buildings including churches, either operated by sensor and / or switching.

Burglar Alarm / Intruder Alarm

PIR, external sirens, panic buttons, vibration sensors, door contacts, text message alerts.

Security alarms

Secure your home and property with an alarm system installed to your requirements. Our burglar alarms are fully approved and can be connected to a central call station or can phone the owner or a friend to alert on alarm.

The alarm can be linked directly to the police, your own mobile phone or a friend's phone. Many burglars will turn to another property just because they see a system in place, so protect yourself and your home today with a tailored security system.

Security Doors

Security doors

Steel doors with optional fingerprint access.

Either in common stairwells or for a single entry, we can supply and install a door for many applications. We have installed many commercial security doors combined with access control and CCTV entry systems for security purposes.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Solar panels Scotland

We provide security services for solar panel systems either on roof or on ground systems.

Solar panels are very expensive and thieves are well aware of this. The protection can be as simple as a special locking mechanism to a touch alarm for superior protection.

Protect your PV panels and incorporate them into your house alarm.

We supply security services for whole of Scotland from our Fife base for the following applications:

  • CCTV
  • Door Entry and Access Control
  • Automatic Gates
  • Lighting Control
  • Home Automation
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Alarm
  • Security Doors
  • PV / Photovoltaic Solar Panels
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