solar panel pigeon protection

Published on 26th July 2019

Solar PV Pigeon Protection

We understand that birds, Squirrels but mainly pigeons can cause damage to your solar panels by nesting underneath your panels. Not only is the mess they create unsightly but it can cause irreparable damage to your solar system.  The consequences of not solving this will ultimately loses you money through loss in PV generation. With the use of a galvanized mesh system this can be easily avoided. This means our services are imperative to ensure a steady and constant output from panel usage, both in residential and commercial properties.

Our solar protection service

We use only the best products enabling us to provide a 2 year guarantee for any work that is carried out. We will never need to drill into a panel meaning a warranty will remain intact as we clip a galvanised mesh around the panels preventing any damage and return of the birds.

A complete kit for protecting solar panel installations from birds nesting underneath.

Kit comprises:

30 x metres 19 gauge wire galvanised mesh; L: 30m x H: 200mm (mesh size: 25mm x 12.5mm).
60 x Stick on retaining posts with retaining washers
1 x Pack of 20 cable ties to join corners.
1x Pair of quality wire cutters.
1 x Tube silicon weathermate adhesive
Instruction sheet.

This pack has been developed to provide a very cost effective method of preventing ALL types of birds accessing the void under your solar panels. Pigeons are generally the main culprits but we have heard of squirrels and other birds.
It is important that your panels have flat sides for the stick on retaining posts, however, these posts can be stuck to the underneath of the panels which would be a little more difficult to complete the installation but completely possible, in fact, a neater job could be achieved by bending the mesh and fixing to the underside of the panels. The posts have a galvanised steel base and locking washer, the pin is aluminium.

This pack is sufficient to do most solar panel jobs on a domestic property

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