Solar PV & Battery Storage Installer

In Dundee, Angus and Surrounding Areas

Solar PV Panels in Dundee & Angus

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors supply and install solar panels ands battery storage in Dundee and Angus. We are fully MCS approved Solar PV panel installers. We are specialist solar energy installers for the home.

Prices for a 4KW from £5000 fully installed and a typical pay-back period for our systems is 9 years and 6 months.  We have installed hundreds of solar pv systems all over Dundee with many happy customers.

We offer competitive solar pv packages starting at £600 and can provide low cost poly panels to super high efficiency panels.

Mr Reid

" I could not rate RB Grant highly enough for the installation of solar panels in Dundee. From the initial visit to the installation I was overwhelmed by the professional nature of the company. The system was installed in one day and the house was kept very tidy. I was doubtful at first but after the first 6months we generated more than predicted and just proves that solar panel are a good investment. We have a 4kw system using all black solar panels and a SMA inverter. RB Grant provided us with an energy monitor so we can see what we produce and what we export. We also decided to take the hot water control which heats or hot water with the excess energy from the solar panel. Our electricity bill has dropped dramatically and also our high gas bill for water heating. The help, advise and additional products provided by RB Grant has reduced our energy costs"

Solar PV installer Dundee & Angus

If you are looking for a quality and competitive solar PV panel installer in Dundee then look no further. We have installed hundreds of solar PV systems in Dundee and many of our happy customers will let new clients see the system in place. We do on-roof, in-roof, wall mounted and ground solar PV systems so whatever your property type, we have a PV solution for you. We know that our Dundee solar panels installation meet and exceed our clients generation estimates.

We use a wide range of solar PV panels to suit our clients needs, from top quality high yielding arrays to more cost effective solar panels. We specify our systems to meet our clients needs specifically. We do not employ any subcontractors and all solar PV installations are carried out by directly employed staff. We have many happy customers with quality solar panels in Dundee. Examples of our work can be seen on request.

We provide the complete solar panel installation service including:
  • Free on-site solar survey from approved PV surveyor
  • Free design and specification of solar panel systems in Dundee and Angus
  • Building warrants and planning applications provided
  • Engineer's roof report where required
  • Certifier of construction for building warrants
  • Roofing work from qualified roofers
  • Full Installation - all trades employed
  • Payback calculations and SAP value
  • Applications help for FITS
  • Application to DNO (electrical supplier)
  • 10-year installation and 25-year output warranty

We provide free design and advice. Contact us today for a solar panel installer in Dundee you can trust.

PV cells are semi-conductors made from silicon. Sunlight shines on the cells producing direct current (DC) electricity. The cells then join together to make a module. The more light, the more electricity generated.

Which solar panels are best for you?

Our Solar PV Panel Installations

Installation involves:

Roof work

  • Fitting of roof fittings
  • Fitting of solar panel

Electrical connection

  • DC (Direct current) to inverter from solar panel array
  • AC (Alternating current) to meter into household fuse box
  • Addition of generation and export meter

Zero-interest loans are available for Scottish householders to help them install heat and electricity generating renewable systems - Energy Savings Trust, Home Renewables Loan Scheme.

Solar Panel FAQ’s

Renewable Energy - we also supply solar thermal hot water installations and design services in Dundee and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a good solar panel installer in Dundee look no further than us.

We offer help and advise with Grants from the Government for homes, community centres and businesses.

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