Solar Panel Installation Facts

Q : Are solar (PV) panels suitable for my home?

Solar panel installations are suitable in most properties. PV panels work more efficiently on S / SE / SW facing roofs. Your internal electrical installation may need upgraded too. If you do not have a suitable roof we can offer a ground, wall or bespoke mounting system. RB Grant Electrical Contractors will inform you of all these factors in your free estimation.

Q : Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

Planning permission will be required for a listed building or conservation area. We will inform you if you require planning permission.

Q : What is a feed in tariff?

The governments 'clean energy cash back scheme' will pay you for your surplus energy produced. The solar system installed will automatically feed any extra energy back to the national grid and you be paid for export. The feed in scheme is now closed but an smart export tariff is available from your energy supplier

Q : How much PV will a system generate?

As an example, a 4kw electric photovoltaic solar panel with generate around 3200 kw per year. To see more examples, have a look at Photovoltaic Panels (PV Panels) feeding tariff / payback.

Q : What would my payback be for a solar panel system?

It would take on average around 10 to 12 years to earn back your investment.

Q : How much does a PV system cost?

The cost of a Solar PV System depends on several factors but is mainly based on the solar PV kw size. 4kw is around £5500

Q : What does grid connected mean?

The electricity you will generate will vary depending on the amount of sunlight. The excess energy you produce will then be directed to the national grid and you will be credited accordingly.

Q : Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

This will depend on the type of solar panels you have installed. If there is only a small amount of cloud coverage, your solar panels will still collect energy. If there is a large amount of cloud coverage, then there will less chance of generating your usual amount of electricity.

Q : How much roof space do I need for solar panel?

The system does not take a lot of roof space. It will depend on the amount of Solar PV Panels installed on your roof. If your property does have limited roof space, we can install them in your garden using A Frames.

Q : What maintenance is required for solar panels?

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors offer a 1-year product and 10-year installation warranty and annual maintenance contracts and support.

Q : What types of solar (PV) panels do you get?

Polycrystalline solar cells:

  • Silicon made into cells
  • Cheaper to manufacturer
  • 13 to 15% efficient

Monocrystalline solar cells:

  • 14% to 17% efficient

Amorphous thin film:

  • 6% efficiency
  • Cheapest manufacturers

Hybrid solar panels:

  • High efficiency of 18 to 22%
  • Expensive but good payback period

Q : What size of solar panel system will I need?

This will depend on your energy consumption rate. R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors will advise you on the best PV system for you and your home.

Q : How long does a PV solar system last?

Solar PV panel systems will last 25+ years. R.B. Grant Electrical Engineers provide a 5- year product and 10-year installation warranty and annual maintenance contracts and support.

Q : Can I surplus my energy?

Yes, feed in tariffs (Clean Energy Cashback Scheme) will credit and reward you. The scheme is time sensitive, designed to reward the earlier takers with bigger feed in tariff rewards.

Q : Will it supply all my electricity?

On average household consumption is 3,000 kWh per year. Therefore, our smallest 1kW solar PV system could supply up to 25% of your home energy. This will vary depending on your consumption rate and the energy generated.

Q : What about payback for my Solar PV System?

The total benefit for a 1.08 kW is estimated at £450 a year with a payback of 9.5 years and a overall profit of £15,000. This system was installed by our trained PV solar panel installers in 1 day.

Q : Will the installation have an impact on my property?

Once the solar panels are installed on the roof, the inside electrical systems do not take up much space. Installations usually can be done within one to three days, with our R.B. Grant Electrical Engineer being considerate, clean and tidy.

Q : How much will I save on my electricity bill using solar panels?

That is a difficult question to answer but we always hope to provide a system to match your current energy use by cutting your electricity bill in half.

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