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EV home charging pointRB Grant are trained EV electric vehicle charging point installers, providing services all over Scotland from our Fife base. We provide home charging grant funded installations from OLEV and EST grants. We are the number one choice for EV charging points in Scotland. We are OLEV approved domestic charge point installers for electric car charging sockets.

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R.B. Grant fully design, supply and install a package including ground works to install dedicated protection to your charger and electrical installation, allowing you to charge your electric car in perfect conditions, safely and easily. With smart EV chargers you can track the energy used and optimise charging when using solar pv.

EV Charging Cable Options

Usually for this kind of installation, there is a mode 2 or mode 3 feature. If you use a mode 2 system, you can use a cable with a domestic outlet which you can plug directly into a domestic socket or use a charging point. It is better to use a mode 3 system to allow communication between the car and the charger. A tethered cable or a dedicated outlet which requires a charging point is required (you can’t connect it to a domestic socket).

The OLEV grant funding provides £350 towards the cost of your home domestic charging unit. The EST grant is £300 and needs to be applied for by the property owner or tenant. In some cases you are provided with a free charge point up to 32 amps depending on the ease of installation. The EST grant application can be found by clicking the link and the OLEV Grant form for home and work charge point grant here

These solutions allow you to charge your EV at home when required. The car will stop charging when the battery is full, helping you to save money due to lost energy and reducing your environmental impact.

The domestic charging points must not exceed 32A and rarely exceed 7kw. Some commercial and public charging points can reach 64A in three-phase systems. Compared to a domestic socket which allows a 30A current, you can have a higher current to charge your vehicle allowing the charging time to reduce.

With a charging point in your home, you can minimise the demand on the network to charge your electric vehicle. Indeed, this intelligent system tries to minimise the charge during important peak times of consumption which could be very costly. Communication between the charging point and the car allows good control of the energy used to charge the battery.

EV Charging Point Installation

R.B. Grant will survey your home electrical installation so your EV charging equipment is situated in the most convenient location. The best location for a charging point is in your garage or on your drive where you park your car. The charging point will be a wall mounted or ground mounted system depending on the property or your requirements.

After the charging point has been installed, R.B. Grant will certify that the system meets the regulations and show the customer how to use the equipment.

The charging point has a dedicated circuit breaker to protect all the electrical installations within your home and a special connection to earth to protect against unwanted energy between the house and your EV.

Charging points require a specific protection (TT installation) which separates the earth of the charger from the earth in your home. In domestic properties you have different kinds of protection for people and devices. Your grid installation could be different from others houses and will not protect the charging point and the user. When we survey your property for a home electric charging point, we will provide a specific earth installation and a dedicated circuit.

Solar PV Panels and EV Charging

Solar PV panels can be an efficient way to charge your electric vehicles. With a 4kw system during the 6 high generating months you could charge your EV in a day. RB Grant design and install solar PV panel systems. We can use the latest technologies to put any excess energy created by the solar PV directly into your electric car. In this way you can store the electrical energy rather than simply export to the grid. Many solar PV owners are already seeing the benefits of twinning an EV with a solar PV array.

Home EV Charging Points

RB Grant are the number one choice for home EV charging points in Scotland. With years of experience in the industry our installations make sure you and your family are safe when charging your car. Incorrectly installed EV charging points can be very dangerous, never consider installing yourself or simply using an extension lead. Without a safe EV charging system damage can be caused to your car and can transfer unwanted electricity to the body of your car and to you.

OLEV funded charge points

These vehicles have CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 112km (70 miles) without any emissions at all:

To be eligible for the grant, cars must cost less than £35,000. This is the recommended retail price (RRP), and includes VAT and delivery fees.

The grant will pay for 35% of the purchase price for these vehicles, up to a maximum of £2,500.

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