2KW Solar PV Panel System installed in Edinburgh

2KW Solar PV Panel System installed in Edinburgh 2KW Solar PV Panel System installed in Edinburgh

This is an example of a 2kw solar PV panel system in Edinburgh which is grid tied and takes advantage of the feed-in tariff. The solar PV system was installed in Edinburgh in 2012. The solar panels have been installed in the optimum position for the client to obtain a fast pay-back period and the best profit over 25 years. The total benefit is estimated at £842.39 a year with a pay-back of 7.6 years and an overall profit of £29,500. This system was installed by our trained PV solar panel installers in one day. Our current 2KW start at around £2800+vat.

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This photovoltaic PV panel system was fitted to the front of the property. There are 12 x 180w Sharp solar PV panels which have been mounted on a slate roof. This provides a total of 2KW of solar panels which will produce a maximum of around 1.8KW with peak sunshine. The roof has a pitch of 40 degrees, is south-east facing and has no shading issues. This makes it an ideal position for solar panels. The system will produce around 2500 KW hours per year on average.

The DC cables from each PV panel are connected together and enter the building through a special slate piece. The DC cables are then connected to a Sunny Boy Inverter which converts the electricity to AC. The AC supply is connected to the main consumer unit via a generation meter.

2KW solar PV panel system review

The home owner ” We could not be happier with the service supplied by RB Grant. From the initial survey to the final commissioning of the solar panels we felt we were in professional hands. Ronnie and the solar installation team were helpful and informative throughout the process. They helped us fill in all the forms with our energy company and explained the workings of the solar pv at length. The 2KW solar panel system was well suited to our energy requirements. Would recommend them to anyone”

We are fully approved installers of PV solar in Edinburgh and all over Scotland. For an approved Edinburgh MCS installer of quality, look no further.

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