Hybrid Solar Panels – HIT Solar Cells

R.B. Grant supply and install the new HIT Photovoltaic Module (Hybrid Solar Panels Cells) throughout Scotland. We install Panasonic Hybrid panels and high efficiency Sunpower E20. We are approved installers with full MCS accreditation.


The new improved solar cell have the added advantages of:

1. An improved cell efficiency up to 21.6%

2. New tab design

3. Use of Anti-Reflection (AR) glass


Hybrid Solar Panels (HIT Solar Cells) are a combination of crystalline and thin-film solar cell amorphous silicon that is bonded with an additional un-doped thin film.

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A mono-crystalline wafer forms in the middle of the hybrid cell and is coated on both the top and bottom with a thin layer of amorphous silicon.

A hetro-junction is created from the two different semi-conductors. The amorphous silicon bonds the crystalline wafer with each amorphous silicon layer.

The amorphous p/i layer and the un-doped wafer create a pin like structure with amorphous thin-film cells. The back of the wafer is coated with highly un-doped amorphous silicon to prevent the free charge carries recombining on the back electrode.

Amorphous absorbs energy of infrared which increases the panels efficiency. The monocrystalline layer optimises the open circuit voltage for the PV panel to create energy more efficiently.

Hybrid solar panels

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Renewable Energies – we also supply a full design and installation service for solar hot water heating systems and wind turbines.

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