1.08KW Solar Photovoltaic / PV Solar Panel System installed in St. Andrews

1kw solar panel installation

This is an example of a 1.08kw photovoltaic solar panel system in St Andrews which is grid tied and takes advantage of the feed-in tariff. The solar panels have been installed in the optimum position for the client to obtain a fast pay-back period and the best profit over 25 years. The total benefit is estimated at £450.00 a year with a pay-back of 9.5 years and an overall profit of £15,000. This system was installed by our trained PV solar panel installers in one day.

This photovoltaic PV panel system was fitted to the rear of the property installed on an extension. There are 6 x 180w Sharp solar PV panels which have been mounted on a slate roof. The roof has a pitch of 35 degrees, is south facing and has no shading issues. This makes it an ideal position for solar panels providing good generation.

The DC cables from each PV panel are connected together and enter the building through a special slate piece. The DC cables are then connected to a small Sunny Boy Inverter which converts the electricity to AC. The AC supply is connected to the main consumer unit via a generation meter. The inverter is located in close proximity to the solar panels to reduce the loss of energy in the DC cabling.

This is a relatively small PV system at 1.08KW but is ideally matched to the electricity requirement of the home owner. The majority of the electricity which is produced will be used up within the home. By limiting the amount which is exported the home owner will save more on his electricity bill and decrease the pay back period.

Customer review ” we could not be happier with the solar panel installation from start to finish. We are happy to recommend the services of RB Grant

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