3KW Solar PV Panel System installed in Dundee

Solar PV installation Dundee Solar PV installation Dundee

This is an example of a 3kw solar PV panel system in Dundee which is grid tied and takes advantage of the feed-in tariff. The solar panels have been installed in the optimum position for the client to obtain a fast pay-back period on the south-east and north-west roof. The total benefit is estimated at £1,163.33 a year with a pay-back of 7.8 years and an overall profit of £40,000. This system was installed by our trained PV solar panel installers in two days.

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This photovoltaic PV panel system was fitted to the front and back of the property. There are 18 x 180w Sharp solar PV panels which have been mounted on a tiled roof. The roof has a pitch of 30 degrees, is east/west and has no shading issues. This makes it an ideal position for solar panels.

It is not always imperative that solar panels face due south. In this property the solar panels are split over 2 roofs in an east and west direction. The front panels will catch the early sun to well after midday. The solar panels to the rear start generation around midday and then stop generating late into the day. The system take advantage of a twin tracked Inverter which allows both unbalanced KW strings and maximises generation with spilt arrays.

The array is wired using two strings and a dual input inverter to provide optimum output. The system will therefore act like two separate PV systems providing power to the grid during daylight. The DC cables from each PV panel are connected together and enter the building through a special slate piece. The DC cables are then connected to a Aurora 3000 dual input Inverter which converts the electricity to AC. The AC supply is connected to the main consumer unit via a generation meter.

3KW Solar PV Panel System Review

Mrs Thompson ” our 3KW solar PV panel system was installed by RB Grant over 2 years ago. We have been more than happy to supply a review for them with positive feedback. The 3KW PV was perfect for our busy home with 2 children all their gadgets. We have saved 25% on our electricity cost and earned than £1300 from the FITS and export per year. If you are looking for a solar PV installer look no further than RB Grant”

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