4KW Solar Photovoltaic / Smart Export Guarantee eligible

solar power Kirkcaldy

This is an example of a 4kw solar PV panel array installed in Kirkcaldy, Fife. This highly efficient system has been created using 16 x 245w Solarworld PV panels with an solis inverter. This solar PV system was installed in one day by our fully qualified PV installers and is Smart Export Guarantee eligible.

Currently our 4kw systems are as little as £3900 fully installed 

Solar Panel Installer Review

” After 2 years of having solar pv panels we could not be happier with our decision to install or use the services of RB Grant. From the initial survey to the final installation the service we received was beyond our expectations. We live in a very old house and great care was taken to preserve both the roof and the internal decoration. The roofers and the electricians were just a joy and spent time to provide a quality installation. RB Grant were very careful to make sure the system was very efficient and this is apparent by the generation figures. The first year we generated 15% more and last year ( although the weather was not as good ) was 12%. We were lucky to get the higher tariff. We are retired and can use all of the energy generated we should pay back in around 5 years . If you are looking for a 4KW solar PV panel system you need look no further than RB Grant ” Mr Matheson

The Solar world black mono 245w panels are perfectly placed, aesthetically, on a slate roof and provide the customer with a generation of 3,500+ kw per year. The solar panels are specifically manufactured to work in low levels of light which is common in Scotland. With no shading issues to effect generation, the array is already creating more energy than the SAP calculation provided to our client. This 4kw solar pv panel system is designed for efficiency perfectly matched to the inverter. The 4kw solar pv installation is limited to 3.68 amps by the inverter and is the largest PV system without application to the DNO ( distributor network operator )

This array is wired using two strings to optimise output and eight panels per string connected to the twin input inverter from Eltek. The roof is south facing with a 30 degree angle which is perfect for a solar PV array. The DC cables are installed through the tiles into the attic where the inverter is located. An AC cable is supplied from the inverter down to the generation meter which is situated at the main consumer unit. The client will use the majority of the energy produced and therefore will reduce the pay back period which will be around seven years.

If you are interested in a 4KW solar PV panel system for your home look no further than R.B. Grant – the quality solar PV installers in Fife.

4KW Solar PV Panel System review


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