Solar PV for Farms

Solar Photovoltaic Panel Farm Installers (PV)

We supply, design and install solar panels on farm buildings and farm land throughout Scotland. We are a family run MCS approved Solar PV Panel Installers for farms and industrial sheds. We can offer advise on different levels of funding from interest free and low percentage loans specifically for renewables. Farm land and buildings offer and good opportunity to install solar pv and create your own low cost energy. We also provide battery storage solutions and off grid systems

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Solar PV Farm Review

Mr Fraser, Fife 16/4/2019 We had our 50KW system fitted in a week and are saving a small fortune on our electricity bill. Apart from signing a few forms RB Grant did everything else the process was made very simple. Thanks to the guys for a brilliant job we are saving thousands every year"


R.B. Grant electrical contractors are solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installers for farm lands in Scotland serviced from our Fife base. We are fully qualified MCS members approved to design, supply and install photovoltaic solar panel systems. It is important to match the generation with the current demand on the farm for accurate pay back.

Produce free electricity to use on your farm and get paid the 'Feed in Tariff' for all electricity you produce - then sell the excess back to the grid. There is never a better time to invest in solar photovoltaic panels. Rising electricity prices and the high feed-in tariff rate make it a worthwhile investment. We provide accurate pay back periods and production calculations free for all solar panel installations in Scotland.

We use a wide range of solar PV panels and inverters. We choose the best system ideally suited to our customer. R.B. Grant can supply a system for your home, barn or ground-mounted system in a open field.


Solar PV Loans For Farms

The Scottish government have a free loan for solar PV installation. PV cells are semi-conductors made from silicon. Sunlight shines on the cells producing direct current (DC) electricity. The cells then join together to make a module. The more light, the more electricity generated.

Solar cells now come in a variety colours and shapes - ranging from grey solar tiles that look like roof tiles to transparent cells and panels that you can use on conservatories and glass to provide shading as well as generating electricity. Solar panels provide a new advanced way to tile your roof while producing energy for your property.

Solar Panels Review for Farms

Mr Stevens " RB Grant have been carrying out work on our farm for several years so when they started doing Solar panels they were the obvious choice. I was fairly apprehensive about installing solar but RB Grant made the whole processes straight forward . They filled in all the registration forms, gained an interest free loan and helped us with the electricity company. The 50kw system has been working far better than expected and we have seen a massive saving on our electricity bill. If  you are a farmer looking for a solar panel installer I would highly recommend RB Grant "

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Our services cover every area of electric photovoltaic (PV) solar panel system from:

  • Site assessment through to system design, supply, installation and maintenance of PV panels
  • Full site suitability survey - no obligation and free
  • Help with application of solar panel grants and interest free loans
  • Assessment of likely solar panel energy generation and savings
  • Advice on planning and building warrant issues
  • Site preparation for solar PV installation
  • Assistance with connection to grid and the 'Feed in Tariff'
  • Full installation service and full in-house certification
  • 5-year product and 10 -year installation warranty
  • Annual maintenance contracts and support

We are the solar panel installers in Scotland who specialise in farm solar panel installations - call today for a free estimate.

Renewable Energies - we also supply a full design and installation service for solar hot water heating systems and wind turbines.

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