Solar Hot Water Heating Systems


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R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors supply and install solar hot water heating systems throughout Scotland and are MCS approved.

Solar thermal systems use the sun’s energy to pre-heat your hot water. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun light. Solar water heating systems are an effective way of using renewable energy from the sun to produce hot water.

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The solar water heating system consists of a solar water panel and a storage water tank. Water is heated up as it passes through the solar tubes or plates into your hot water boiler.

Solar panels do work in the Scottish climate as they are powered by the sun’s radiation. Throughout the summer months, solar panels can produce around 60% of the hot water required depending on the size of your system.

During the winter months, the solar system is not as efficient as in the summer, therefore the conventional heating system will also be used to produce hot water. The solar system will still work in conjunction with the conventional heating system throughout winter, thereby reducing your winter bills.

Solar Cylinder Hot Water Systems

Types of Solar Water Heating

There are two types of solar thermal systems:

Flat Plate

Evacuated Tubes


Installation involves:

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