The SOLiC 200 Solar Hot Water Diverter

Using the generated energy from your existing panels, the award-winning SOLiC 200 by Earthwise automatically converts the energy into hot water working independently from your solar installation. The excess solar power is diverted to your immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid. Operating with a zero threshold export to the grid.

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RB Grant supply and install SOLiC 200 controllers all over Scotland from our Fife base. Made in Britain, it has been engineered to last 25 years and comes with a 10 year return to base guarantee. The SOLiC 200 complies with CE and British Standards and is easily installed by a qualified electrician with no plumbing alterations needed. RB Grant are the SOLiC 200 installers you can trust.

The SOLiC 200 has a hard-wired mains-powered sensor to ensure maximum reliability. Having two operating modes, the load sensor can be mounted to measure energy being generated by the solar install or the electricity being fed back to the grid.

The SOLiC checks for excess solar power 20 times a second, working even on cloudy days. It’s easy to use, besides being maintenance free and self-contained using compact and robust aluminium construction to prevent corrosion. The SOLiC 200 has built in over heating protection and keeps indoor frost away when the heating is off. Even helping reduce your CO2 emissions.

The SOLiC 200 can save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills and within less than three years see returns on you investment. Annually, you can see savings of up to £250 on your energy bills. Qualifying for 5% VAT rate on a supply and install contract.

For more information have a look at our SOLiC 200 fact sheet. For a free quote, contact us today. You can trust R.B. Grant to provide a quality service at a competitive price for solar PV installations.

The solic is a far better option that its rival immersun, the iboost or the solarimmersion

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