Solar PV Off-Grid System

RB Grant design, supply and install Solar PV off grid / stand alone battery systems and accessories throughout Scotland from our Fife base. We can design an off grid solar panel system for the home, outhouse, farm buildings, caravans, motor homes, boats and a number of other applications. Our Off Grid systems are designed specifically for your energy needs and can be adapted over time. Off grid PV system designs are free and without obligation to buy. We can also incorporate oil and diesel generators with automatic changeover devices. If you are looking for a solar pv battery system to become off-grid then look no further than RB Grant.

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Solar accessories
Solar Charge Controllers : used in an off-grid PV system. It is used to prevent overcharging of the batteries and prevent overvoltage.



Solar accessoriesSolar Inverters : electrical inverters change the direct current (DC) electricity into alternating currents (AC). This allows use with home appliances, etc.



Solar accessoriesSolar Batteries : the battery is the main storage device and should be sited at the centre of the circuit. The battery should be located in a cool, dry and ventilated area.




Solar accessoriesSolar LED lights



Solar accessoriesSolar PV frames – Free standing range from small solar PV ground mounts, solar PV pole mounts and large solar PV ground mounts.





Solar accessoriesSecurity PV solar lighting




Solar accessoriesBoat solar panels




Solar accessoriesCaravan and motor home photovoltaic solar panels


Some examples of  solar off grid systems


Solar accessories

Motorhome parked at the mountain, near a rocky peak



Solar panel on a caravan







R.B. Grant supply, design and install solar pv panel systems all over Scotland from our Fife base – for domestic, commercial and industrial solar panel systems from 1kw to 50MW. We are the solar panel installers you can trust. Many clients have buidlings where getting power from the National Grid is impossible or expensive, we can supply an off grid solution to power your building

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