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Elektromotive are a company who specialise in the manufacturing of EV charging points and electronic accessories. They have developed the world’s first electric vehicle refuelling network with their Elektrobay product and they install their Elektrobay EV charger all over the world. Elektromotive are famous for their public infrastructures because they have developed the world’s first generic network with their EV charging points.

Elektromotive develop a lot of charging points for public installations in the street but they also have special EV charging points for home and commercial installations.

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EV Charging PointR.B. Grant are fully trained for Elektromotive to install their domestic and commercial charging points all over Scotland. R.B. Grant have installed several Elektromotive commercial charging points (click here for more information on our installations). Elektromotive provide a variety of charging points allowing you to choose the best solution to suit the customer’s requirements. R.B. Grant can provide either single-phase or three-phase installations with different kind of chargers (mono, double and combi sockets).

Elektromotive provide different types of Elektrobays for domestic, commercial and public installations. The home charging points are usually single-phase equipment with only one socket. The commercial and public charging points are usually three-phase with a double or combi socket for a faster charge.

Elektrobay EV charging points Specifications

Installation in:

Dual Outlet

Combi Outlet

Mono Outlet

The Elektrobay is very simple to use with great communication between the car and the charging point allowing you to charge your EV in the best conditions.

Basically, you just have to plug your car into the charging point. During the charge time, you can monitor the charging of the battery. When you need to use your electric vehicle, you just have to unplug the cable.

The charging point can also give you safety information. For example, when a fault occurs, the charging point will inform you about the problem. If a damaged battery is connected to the charger, a message will be sent to the manufacturer to try and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

The communication between the charging point and the car is used to stop the battery charging when a problem occurs or the battery is fully charged. This prevents energy loss helping the customer to save energy and reduce bills.

Elektromotive and R.B. Grant are trying to encourage the installation of EV charging points throughout Scotland to help reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

If you require more information on Elektromotive and their products, you can go directly to their website by clicking on their logo here:



Or contact R.B. Grant if you are also keen to help reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by getting Elektrobays installed.

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