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Environmental Statement

At R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors we understand and recognise that our company has an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We strive as a business to minimise any potentially harmful effects during our activities.

We will ensure through planning and design that all environmental factors are taken into account throughout all of our projects. We are aware that by carrying out effective environmental management, we can improve as a company in terms of environmental performance and pollution prevention.

R.B. Grant is committed:

  • to continuously monitoring and improving our environmental performance
  • to ensuring that we adhere to the minimum standards of compliance with current regulations, laws and codes of environmental practice
  • to actively promote environmental awareness and compliance among staff, customers, subcontractors and partners through our website, leaflets and training

As a company, R.B. Grant has put the following measures in place:

  • using local suppliers and manufacturers to reduce transport effects
  • becoming computerised to reduce paper usage
  • purchasing paper and materials from companies that consider environmental effects
  • recycling all waste including paper, copper, glass
  • taking advice from Waste Aware, Fife
  • using energy efficient lighting in offices
  • complying with SEPA legislation to correctly dispose of lamps
  • advising customers to use energy efficient products

R.B. Grant review its environmental policy annually or when required to ensure compliance with current standards. As a company, this helps us improve and develop our environmental standards.

Current Environmental Action Plans

  • Vehicle assessment - working with the Energy Trust to analyse fuel usage and fleet efficiency
  • Energy efficient product option - sourcing and promotion of efficient solutions to all our clients
  • Staff environmental education - increase staff awareness at all levels

Eden Illumination

R.B. Grant are the Eden Illumination approved installers.

Up until now, LED has been viewed as an expensive green alternative to traditional lighting techniques. But now Eden illumination provides high quality, affordable and cutting edge LED lighting solutions for the commercial and domestic market. R.B. Grant are working in partnership to provide our clients with the latest options in energy efficiency.

British Golf Museum

R.B. Grant installed a new energy efficient lighting solution for the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews. With a mix of high powered LED and fluorescent lighting, the museum has reduced the overall lighting consumption by 70%.

Environmental energy efficiency low energy lighting LED Fife sculpture installation

R.B. Grant secured and completed the contract to supply and fit the LED lighting system for the new sculpture erected at John Smith Business Park, Kirkcaldy.

Solar Panel Installation

We are installers of energy saving photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

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