Automated Gates and Barriers

Automated Electric Gates for Commercial Applications in Scotland

Workforce for the Future Award 2016

Workforce for the Future Award 2016

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors install electric automated gates that range from single electric gate access systems to more complex entry systems. We provide a no obligation design service from swing gates to sliding gates. Our automated electric gates are secure, reliable and convenient and provide ultimate security. Our automatic gate installation services are available throughout Scotland from our Fife base. R.B. Grant Electrical contractors also supply and install automation kits for existing gates that can be tailored to meet all your needs. We can design and supply new gates from our partner company to meet your security requirements.

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Automated Electric Gates - Options

  • Swing gates
  • Articulated
  • Sliding - sliding gates can be on a track or trackless. These can be used if there is lack of space or incline in the driveway
  • Barrier
  • Overhead
  • Underground (swing gates) - provides discreet opening of gates
  • External
  • Single
  • Double
  • Electric gate repairs
  • Electric gate motor replacements
  • Turnstile
  • Number plate recognition

Automated electric gates have irreversibly geared motors which makes it difficult for them to be forced open. To increase the security level of automated gates, R.B. Grant recommend a combination of other security features.

Access Control Devices

  • Electronic key cards, key switch and key pads
  • Transmitters
  • Card readers
  • Finger print readers
  • Electric gate automation
  • Photo identification / number plate recognition
  • Audio / video door entry system
  • Telephone entry
  • Intercom

Safety Devices

  • Photocells - detect obstacles within a certain radius of the automated gates
  • Flashing lights - indicate the movements of the gates
  • Safety edge
  • Traffic flow mirror

Why have automated gates:

  • Control access
  • Security
  • Family and property protection
  • Stop unwanted traffic
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Privacy
  • Insurance benefits
  • Investment
  • Aesthetics
  • Convenience

Automated Gates Review

Derek Macleod " I employed the services of RB Grant to design, supply and install automated security gates for Network Rail in Dundee. I was more than happy with the standard of service received as were Network Rail. With both a pedestrian access control and 2 cars fob and phone entry the system provides the security required for a busy rail station. I have no issues proving RB Grant a recommendation for the installation of quality automated gates, first class service provided "

For your free estimate contact RB Grant Electrical Contractors today on 01592 654553.if you are looking for a quality automated gate installation then look no further.

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