10KW Solar PV Panel / Solar Photovoltaic System installed in Dunfermline

dunfermline solar pv scotland

This is a 10Kw single phase solar pv  system using 36 x 275w Yingli solar panels and solar edge optimisers. A good example of a G99 solar pv system installed in Dunfermline.

This is a 10KW solar pv system installed in Dunfermline. The system is made up from 36 x 275w Yingli solar pv panels. The Yingli solar panels are manufactured to optimise cell space and are the same size as a standard 250w panel. The panels each have their own optimiser feed into a solar edge single phase inverter. The solar edge inverter allows each panel to be closely monitored and optimised. The panels are fitted over 3 roofs and 2 directions.

This installation is known as a G99 system. RB Grant applied to the local DNO for permission to install over the 3.68kw maximum for domestic electrical supplies. After permission is granted the system was installed over 2 days.

The solar panels will generate around 9000kw hours over a year and The total benefit is estimated at £1, 260.29 a year with a pay-back of 8.5 years and an overall profit of £41,624.91. This system was installed by our trained PV solar panel installers.

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