Lighting Design for Industrial Spaces

Lighting is the most difficult of design concepts to understand. With 42 years experience in the lighting design industry, R.B. Grant are the number one choice. We can design supply and install a lighting scheme to meet the needs of industrial customers. We can provide a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs. Our lighting design, supply and installation service is provided all over Scotland from our Fife base.

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Light is all around us but we cannot touch or feel it. Yet it is responsible for all we see, and without it, we perceive nothing. The way that light is used in a property will completely change the way we see it.

It has long since been exploited in the theatre. Now the same techniques are being used in the office and workplace. The combination of light, shade, tone and colour are used to create mood and enhance the property.

Good lighting stems from an understanding of the balance between light and shade. If used skillfully, lighting can change the look and feel of any room, make the room look bigger, emphasise height, and highlight architectural elements in the property.

Whether your industrial property is traditional or contemporary, the lighting will always set the mood. But good lighting should not really be noticed. It should enhance your interiors and provide a wonderful creative environment without obviously doing so. To the unpractised eye, it is only bad lighting that is noticed. Lighting should never glare in your eyes or be too dim.

Lighting can be manipulated to dim, brighten and colour. It can transform a room into an impressive theatrical scene, then change to low level lighting for wining and dining.

With automated control, these lighting scene settings can be preset to your requirements. By using a range of light fittings and lamps, the room can transform into a multipurpose and adaptable space.

Architectural lighting design involves taking into consideration the function of the lighting, energy consumption, space and aesthetic effect.  R.B. Grant will help achieve the design you are looking for by evaluating the architecture, design and the size of the property.

RB Grant can supply a full range of light fittings. from cost effective LED, amenity , decorative and aesthetic lighting. Our electricians are fully qualified to the current standard and supply lighting installation from our Fife base all over Scotland.

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