Lighting Control Systems Scotland

R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors provide lighting control systems throughout Scotland from our Fife base.

We supply lighting control systems for a range of clients from hotels, pubs  , clubs and office environment. Lighting control can reduce your energy costs, allow simple control with a flick of a button or a timer. Lighting control can enhance the aesthetics both internally and externally. Our systems are compliant with current British Standards and installed by approved experienced electricians.

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Lighting controls provide different settings for each room which can be controlled through the touch of a button – remote control or touch screen pad. Lighting control can include energy management, integration with other services, scene setting, and internet access to control lighting.

R.B. Grant can help you achieve comfort, security, ease and reduce energy consumption within the home. Lighting Control can be installed in any type of property from small domestic properties to large commercial outlets. 

Lighting control provides you with various light settings for each room of your home which can be controlled at the touch of a button. This allows you to set the scene of a room.

Lights can be controlled by attractive touch screen keypads located throughout the home or by remote controls. The system is programmed and set according to specific lighting preferences.

R.B. Grant can provide the ability to control the circuits from several rooms. You can create a path of light, setting for example, from the master bedroom down the stairs to the bathroom. Specific circuits or scenes can be programmed to automatically change e.g. dim down or switch off at a certain time.

A keypad at your main door can turn the lights off in all the house or to put the house into a pre-set mode:

Blinds and curtains can be controlled on the same system as the lighting, providing simplicity and security. The lighting circuits can track the sequence of lighting and curtain movements to make the house looked lived in whilst you are away.

Automatic gates can also be integrated with lighting control. The lights in the driveway can automatically be activated within a certain time frame. If a security alarm is activated, the lights within the property can be programmed to flash automatically on specified circuits. The key pads within the property can be disabled until the problem is resolved.

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